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Smile Movies On N80 Cracked

HAHA!!! I have finally cracked it. The perfect software/hardware combination for mobile entertainment.

I can now watch full length movies and Tv episodes on my mobile in full quality. You want this to? This is what you need (all free and legal):

-Nokia N80
-Memory card (preferably at least 1GB)
-A good set of compatable headphones

-Mobile divx official free download (Download here:

Ok, there are two ways arround this, if you already have the video''s you want on your computer in avi. format, then you only require one extra piece of software:
-Pocket divx encoder (Download here:
If you need to rip the video''s from a DVD first (which is legal as long as it is for personal use and will not be distributed) then there are plenty of rippers available to download online.

The meathod is pretty simple, install the divx software on your phone, get your avi. on your computer, shrink it then transfer it accross. A full length film will shrink to about 180mb and a TV episode about 80-90mb. The avi. shrinker actually allows you to convert it to any size with some extra little features but it has pre-set modes for smartphones, PDA''s, Laptops, irivers and more. There are also divx mobile editions available for pocket PC''s.

Now go out to the park and watch a film!!