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Let's see:

When I got it out from the box, brand new, it did not work at all. I had to go back to the store for a new one.

After that incident I found:

The touch screen seems to be too sensitive, sometimes Apps open without being touched...

The internet browser froze from time to time and it is really bad!! I had to use Opera!

Wifi did not work properly. Sometimes it lost connection, and the way to switch it off through the direct access in the main screen did not work quite well. Some times it took up to several tries touching the screen to switch off the wifi as it did not show up all the options when taping in it.

For such an advanced phone with S3 the menus were organized in the same way as previous version, with the difference that every time more and more we get more options, so, it makes it difficult and not intuitive.

The phone itself, does not represent anything really new or different such as having Android or Iphone, it is just about more of the same, but with more complicated options to find and to set up.

Apps in Ovi store are not that good and varied. Many providers do not thing on issuing apps for Nokia. There's barely anything in Catalan.

As for positive things:

It comes with Catalan menus and predictive Catalan text, as well as with Catalan language instructions. It is easy to personalize and to play around, no need for itunes and all these controlled things.

It comes with a full navigation GPS for "free" (well, included within the price)

Camera is good, but if I want a good camera I'll get one. Mobile is a mobile.

Briefing: nothing really new... more of the same and getting complicated to use.

Design and size are great!!! Perhaps using the same hardware but with Android would be much more fashionable and open wide!

Sorry for my English