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Imagine a 5800xm with the Widgets, Camera etc from the N97 mini and a qwerty keyboard. The C6 is effectively a N97 mini in a cheaper housing. I would expect a price point of 199 or below for this - an I'm sure this is where it will settle after release.

As for the Android discussions above, I have a desire and I too am left wondering what all the fuss is about. Android is just ordinary, and even with the SenseUI enhancements there is no huge advance over even Symbian touch. I expect that ^3 and ^4 versions of Symbian should be able to leapfrog Android quite easily, because it wouldn't take much. If that doesn't happen then somebody at Symbian is still asleep.

Although it has to be said, I may have been so disappointed with Android because the high expectations set by BSers on forums like this, and because I also own an iPhone, the iPhone has absolutely nothing to fear from Android in the UI department.

What EXACTLY is good about Android? Somebody please explain? I appreciate why phone makers might like it, it suits them very well. No great shakes for consumers.

Anyway, back to the topic C6, I can't see a reason to buy an N97 anything if they remain priced above the C6.