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Replacement Navi wheel for N96

Now that I've sorted the software bugs that my phone had I'm on a mission to sort out some cosmetic issues. My navi wheel print has become a bit tired and see through so I went to get it replaced. I bought a button set from a well known auction site but the navi wheel was a completely different version of the phone as far as I could see. My navi wheel is a totally independant item stuck on top of the infamous fpc for the navi wheel with double sided tape. The replacement I bought had the actuators as part of the navi wheel keytop and therefore won't fit on my phone.

FWIW my phone looks like this.

Any ideas of how to get one that fits my phone? I'll happily cut my own double sided tape to fit, it's just the navi wheel keytop that I need.

Reading through my thread again I think one option may be to buy a totally knackered phone for spares or repair as long as I could get it cheap enough.