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Sorry Steve.. I've lost respect in you with this comparison.

1) Processor in the Iphone 4 is an A4 @ 1Ghz from official specs with multitasking capabilities. This is definitely a winner compared to the N8. Even the Vivaz has a faster processor than the N8 (720Mhz). The Desire has a faster processor and as good with the Multitasking.. How did the N8 win? err?

You also failed to mention that the Iphone 4 will have 512MB of RAM compared to 256MB of the N8..

2) The Iphone 4 video will have 720p.. at 30fps in comparison to the 720p 25fps on the N8.. How do they tie in that??

3) The argument about the updates is pretty irrelevant quite frankly. If you are going to update the phone, OTA has been known to cause more issues than to use the traditional USB updates.

Quite frankly, the scores are very much rigged in favour of N8.. I would highly recommend that you revisit your scoring on this because it is just wrong.

I am a dedicated Nokia Fan, but seriously - Nokia has dropped the ball so many times that even the most dedicated fanboys have to think twice before buying their products again.