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@jejoma and others: Yes I partially agree, but the problem is: no, 128MB is NO LONGER enough to run Symbian. When I compare my HTC Desire to my N97, the difference is like night and day. Both are respective flagships of their vendors. Both cost me roughly the same. Why the experience on one is horrid and the other is sublime? No, its not subjective or biased - it is a question of just picking up the phone and typing out a message and counting the seconds and mis-hits and double taps and corrections. I think it is high time we stop pretending that Symbian's technical merits mean anything.

And SO WHAT if Symbian TECHNICALLY requires less RAM? In real life, it stops and stutters on no end on every Symbian^1 device I have owned. Launching anything more than 5-6 apps on N97 brings it to a freeze especially if it includes web pages. it takes a second to launch the apps menu. it takes a further second to make it to its lower half. It takes ages to launch a game (even shitty java games). There is no smart dialing.

What? Is this 2010 or what?

Looking at Symbian^3, it has only BEGUN to offer features that Android has been offering for ages. And it still doesn't look very responsive even in promo videos. Yes, they N8 hardware is stunning and that will ensure it as a sales success, but it won't take HTC or Moto or Samsung to match that feature set in the MONTHS that Nokia plans to take to launch N8, and they will already have a better software to run it.