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Originally Posted by morpheus2702 View Post
Ok the 'Nokia expanding in the mid-tier' story has been rammed home by now to all unsundry with all the subtlety of John Leslie unhooking a bra strap. Who is really taken in by all this 'emerging markets' nonsense?

My take? Until Symbian^3 is ready to be unleashed and there is genuinely something to talk about, Nokia are going to mine every last cent out of the existing S60v5 (or is that Symbian^1 in the new Symbian Utopia?) Like being able to offer these technologically aged platforms at bargains is something we should all marvel at! The costs are sunk, bleed 3rd and 5th edition for every mediocre handsetyou can... Then spin it so it's all part of your strategy to develop the BRIC markets.

Not saying that Nokia wouldn't be doing exactly the same were their new Symbian^3 flagship was ready but please, enough of connecting the dots to arrive at 'data point' (new AAS bullshit phrase of recent weeks) where, miraculously. This is just where Nokia wants to be.

If it was a choice between reading concrete about the ethereal N8-00 or more on the crop of handsets from earlier this week, honestly, which would you click on first?

Guys have the balls to say Nokia is bleeding everything they can out of S60 and enough of this 'Nokia planned this'.
What total crap. These handsets are not at all mediocre, they are fairly powerful phones being offered at surprisingly low prices. They may not be "high-end", whatever the f*** that means, but these are actually very interesting devices, with a potentially enormous market. That is news, whether you like it or not.

I'd like to say I'm surprised at the rubbish being spouted at the moment, but that would unfortunately be a lie...

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