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Peter Gullberg
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Thumbs down Mail for Exchange

Be very, I repeat *very* careful before you use Mail for Exchange software for your employees....

I removed a recurring appointment from the Nokia mobile, and got the choice "remove all", which I by mistake misinterpreted to be "remove all occurencies of this recurring appointment"....

Well guess what, it removed *REALLY ALL* calendar entries from my outlook exchange, so the time after I connected to the exchange server with my laptop, I could visually see all entries just disappear.... And I had to spend tremendous effort to get the information back!!!

I don't know what kind of quality control Nokia have on their products, but this is ridiculous....

Or the other day, silly me, of course I should be aware that the unfocused camera images I got when using the built-in camera, was because I didn't press the 'T' button (T as in autofocus), before taking the picture.