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Originally Posted by ut666 View Post
the SIP really works well on the N80, and there really is a gain in usability being able to do it using the mobile... feels more like a real phone conversation... Only downside is wifi is a real drain on battery life, so keeping a charger or spare battery handy will be required if you plan on using a lot.

But it does work, and i thank nokia for making the SIP functionality so well integrated in the OS, and independent from SIP providers.

It's been said many times before, but worth saying again - SIP is supported on the N80IE firmware revision only. Just be aware if you're going to buy an N80, either ensure it's an N80IE, or a non-network branded N80 you can update the firmware for, or a branded N80 you will have to reflash to transform it to a generic one.
Fring does work on the standard N80 (mine is an O2 branded one), but wastes battery big time over Wifi.
One good option for spare power is ProPorta's battery charger thingy - a 1500mA battery which charges from USB, which I then get about 3 N80 charges from. I couldn't do without it, half my office use it for anything from Motorola RAZRs, Sony Ericssons and every Nokia under the sun!