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Wifi VoIP phone a good option?

Hi, next year I will be studying abroad in Spain for 2 semesters and have been looking for the most affordable way to call home on a regular basis without racking up outrageous cell phone bills or paying for a stack of phone cards (which restricts me to landlines anyway for the most part).

My question is- do you think a wifi enabled phone such as the N80 ie or the E65 (if I can get my hands on one) would be a good option when abroad. I would use a prepaid SIM card to make local calls and receive free incoming calls but would like to load up Skype, Gizmoproject or TruPhone to make low cost international calls. Does this seem to be a good option? The only problem is I am not certain of the extent of my wireless internet access. I hope to have some access on the university campus and I do know that my college pays for us to use 2 internet cafe's one of which is Wifi (so it would be nice not to always have to haul my laptop around the city to use voip.) I know these phones can be pricey, but if I can be semi-sure that it will be put to good use and will be convenient and useful, then it will be worth the price tag.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks