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Vodafone MMS now active!

Vodafone have started their MMS service. It's what they call Vodafone Live.
If, like me, you already have a "Vodafone MMS" access point on your 7650 and you find MMS messages still won't go here's a tip I picked up from a friendly Vodafone store guy:
Go to Tools/Settings/Connections/Access points/Vodafone MMS
Scroll down to "Session Mode" and change it to "Permanent"
I also changed "Prompt Password" to "No" which stopped the phone pointlessly asking for a password it didnt need.

You can send MMS messages to email addresses or other Vodafone MMS capable phones but I'm told cross-network still isn't working :(

As a bonus Vodafone is running a free MMS promotion until February 2003

To spell it out:
MMS can be sent to an email address
Vodafone MMS is free until february

You do the math

Edit: I forgot to mention you have to ring your service provider and get MMS added to your account first