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Pinyin software

Im not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but i really hope somebody could help me. The thing is that I am at this time in china, and yet long time will be. I have managed flashed my N78 to chinese version, so i can with no problem recieve and write chinese characters. Problem is that of course my chinese is not perfect, and especially reading chinese characters is very hard. Therefor i would really appreciate some software or utility, which could convert chinese characters to pinyin. In messages mostly. Does anybody know about something like this? Best application what i could imagine is that you recieve message, and its give you pinyin underline of the text. Lets say:

zao shang hao, ni hao ma?
wo jiao Tomas, wo shi jie ke ren.

Or it would be enough as well if there is any swoth between characters and pinyin. So you cant actually see both in the same time. I think it shouldnt be that hard, since you must write pinyin anyway when you create message. So i think that if it can go one way, it can go back way as well.

Thank you for any suggestions!


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