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Apologetic article is so apologetic. And sorry, it is badly written.

On a side note, the upcoming N8 is not a device intended for high-end market segment, none of the Symbian devices is. This is stated by Nokia themselves, symbian is for middle price-point devices.
High-end section is supposed to be covered by as of yet non-existent MeeGo phone.
But it can very well hold it's own against the very best that the others can offer now can't it? Spec wise it's probably better than everything else right now. Don't tell me that hardware specs are not important now, that it's all about software, coz with the N97, every critique cared about hardware specs. Now however it's just 'all about the software. I'm amazed how some people continually underestimate the N8, Nokia, and Symbian in general. Just look at the engadget comparison. They must have failed their maths or something. Anyway if this is Nokia's mid-price device, then just imagine what their high-end would be like. Considering that, I'd be more mindful about putting my foot further in my mouth if I were them.