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Originally Posted by kbmotoomull

I was able to follow all your instructions and it works fine... wow! the internet is quite fast...

but one problem, while the "bridge" connection is on, the internet browsing in my laptop does not work. if i delete the "bridge connection" it works again.

if this is valid, this means you can only browse at one device at a time. it is either you use your laptop/desktop or your 9500.


if we get both worlds, i would be greatly amazed!

I got my 9500 set up with my Vaio with 802.11b built in. It works brilliantly, and browsing from the 9500 is very fast and faster than GPRS as far as I can see.
My internet connection is shared between both devices and I can use both at the same time over the same connection. It is pretty seamless, but the range is limited and I find the signal drops between one end of my house to the other.

But being able to browse anytime from my 9500 without running up a huge GPRS bill makes me smile.