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Originally Posted by Rafe View Post
The necessity to install to the C: drive is a technical limitation when upgrading ROM applications (you'll note the same behaviour on some Nokia applications too - e.g. Nokia Maps). So this isn't Quickoffice's (or any other developer's) desire to fill up your C: drive.

Incidentally there wont be two copies on C:, so you wont be able to find anything to delete. As I allude to above the original copy is on the ROM drive (Z. The Quickoffice install is quite big (not surprising when you think about what it is doing).. I think the sis file is 4 MB ish - the install size is generally around 50% again (varies a lot though from app to app).

Unfortunate, but hopefully this is something that Nokia / Symbian Foundation can fix for future platform releases. Also, hopefully, a firmware update will help as the most recent versions of the C: hungry applications (N-Gage, Maps, Quickoffice etc.) should end up on the ROM drive.

Thanks for the explanation. That makes some sense (the face the original pre-installed version is in ROM). I was wondering about C: as the SEVEN email app also refuses to allow you to store messages anywhere other than C: - this may
be a result of problems with apps where data was stored on a removable memory card, which was subsequently removed and they have not updated their thinking (or their code) for the devices with built in solid state drives.

I got good support from Quickoffice and now have it installed. My free RAM (not C: space) is around 44Mb with SEVEN running and Quickoffice installed so I am fairly happy. Will give it a try over the next week.