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An update on this now I've used it a few times:

My B'tooth headset is the Sony Ericsson HBH200. It doesn't work exactly like it used to on my old SE K810i....for example, when I turned off the headset, the phone would ask if I wanted to continue playing through the phone's speakers - if you didn't choose anything after a few secs, it would close the player. On the i8910 it carries on playing out of the speakers without any prompts.

Also, on the K810i, when I switched on the b'tooth headset and pressed 'Play' on it - the music would come through automatically. On the i8910, I've now found it will also do this - but only if you have the player running (or paused in the background...)

Apart from that, everything else seems the same. Pause, Play, Volume etc do all work ok. There's no Next/Prev on this headset so can't comment on that but I'd guess that would be ok too, as everything else seems to work.