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using headset for music with i8910

I'd like to know,
1.) whether anyone knows about a stereo headset (bluetooth or wired) available for the i8910 with handsfree-function AND music player controls (pause/play, forward, rewind, volume).
And 2.) whether anyone has been succesfully using such a device and if it would plug into the os with full functionality - i.e. making and recieving calls and controlling the music player without having to fumble the phone out of your pocket :-)

On my current Nokia E65, I'm using a Nokia audio adapter, which ensures recognition by s60 and handsfree functionality and allows plugging in the headphones of my choice, but has no music player controls. Also the adapter is not recognized by third-party-software, it gets full functionality only with the standard s60 player, which i don't find very useful, so I use oggplay.
3.) Maybe any experiences/advice out there with/for the combinination of music headsets and third-party software?
thanks, Ben