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N95 8Gb in Vodafone shop - Clowns

I went into a Vodafone shop yesterday to look at the N95 8Gb. The guy showed me it. I was a bit disappointed. It didnt look as good as I had expected, more toy like than the existing N95. Functionally it was superb though and thats why I would buy it. It was so quick and multitasking is amazing. I will definately get one.

The salesman made me laugh, what a clueless moron he was.

He told me that The N95 8Gb GPS works but the N95 one didnt but wasnt aware that if you had an N95 without the crappy vodafone software you would have A-GPS. I asked him about battery time and he obviously got caught in between his sales brief on the phone because he said the battery life is thicker before going onto correct himself. He then went on to tell me that the processor in the N95 is 120Mhz compared to the 100Mhz processor in the N95.......IDIOT!!