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Originally Posted by Jj03
well, wasn't the fella who claimed to work for vodafone forwarded a complaint to voda with his details and copy'd and pasted his little rant...

right...i work for carphone warehouse in bolton, and right next door to me is the vodafone shop...having spoke to the manager there, regarding the voda situation, he's been inundated with returns and complaints regarding their disabling of a superb smartphone...

what i do know is, the 6630 isn't a dct4 phone...havind tried every unlocker known to man...seriously...via pc, or be it a java unlocker on the handset...

i myself have been advising people who ask about smartphones generally, NOT to buy one with vodafone because of the can guarentee that o2's version of the 6630 won't have any of these problems... We all know, when you go into a phone shop, 9 out of 10 staff haven't a bloody clue what they are talking about, and seeling you guys a phone without any knowledge at all about that phone is scandalous....i may start a petition myself..against stupid sales phones4u for details...symbian??? whats that??? i was once
i couldnt agree more, maybe a few more of us should pass on his comments to vodafone
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