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Let's not get our nickers in a twist over slight differences in how Samsung and Nokia have configured their battery meters. What actually matters is how long the battery lasts in the phone. i.e. how long between recharges before the battery dies completely.

The Nokia N95-1 (non 8GB model) is quite frankly attrocious at battery life! Yes, it's better with the new firmware updates (post V20), as they've implemented some more power saving tricks, but it's still pretty bad. Taking my average usage cycle, I could only ever guarantee 1 1/2 days use out of my N95, and that would drop to about 1/2 day if I made extensive use of GPS or camera, or if I travelled a lot (hence causing a lot of cell re-registration)

Using EXACTY the same usage model on my 8510 (so same email checking frequency, same auto-download frequencies etc) I can guarantee over 2 days out of the phone, dropping to no less than 18 hours so far with very extensive GPS use. (camera use doesn't kill the 8510 as badly as it does the N95)

You've got to look at this logically - the 8510 uses the same chipset as the N95, so has the same power draw. However, it's using a far more optimised software build, so it's power requirements drop. It's also got a far bigger battery than the N95 (about 30% bigger without doing the maths) so it's going to last better from that alone.

So to say the battery is worse than the N95 is codswallop! Even the N96 beats the N95, running more processes and with the same battery! That just shows the improvements in the software!