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Originally Posted by Gino Pastorutti
Thank You for the answer but all your suggestions where already so i the phone and no other application is installed. Any other idea ? . . . Thanks again in advance.
That is really strange as the only time I had a similar problem was when I was using the built in world clock with Psiloc's one.

You may try to see if this also happens with another SIM card (may the operator forces the time to be syncronised with the time they have).

Also I've heard similar problems from P900 users but they were related with the synchronisation app with the computer (the PC windows time zone was different with the phone's time zone and so after every synchronisation between the phone and the PC the time was changing on the phone).

In the worst case try to format the phone (don't forget to get a back up first) by typing *#7370# (you'll be asked for the phone code in case you haven't changed it, it's 12345), but I don't really recommend it as I don't think it will solve your problem...
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