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I'll reply to my own post. Until I try Nokia Messaging again on the E51, I'll be using Emoze. I got the pay version so I can use both my work and personal accounts. My take so far:

-Email is always delivered within a minute of it showing up in inboxes. Super reliable.

-Like Nokia Messaging, you can set the time window for when it is on.

-Its integration into the native messaging system makes it super fast.

-You can get one mailbox to to display two lines on the active idle screen.

-Battery life appears to be as good as using Nokia Messaging. After 15 hours of always on push, a few calls, a bunch of emails, and a bit of web browsing, my E51 still indicated a full battery. When I tried Seven a couple of months ago, it would lose a bar or two in that time.

-Options to set power saving mode to a variety of intervals, if you'll be away from the charger for days.

-Uses less RAM than Nokia Messaging, if that's a concern.

-Integration into the E51 is not the best:

-Can only choose one mailbox to show up in active idle, though by setting the other mailbox as the 'default' under the main messaging settings, unread messages will be notified on the idle screen.

-If you choose the notification light to be on (for 5 or 10 min) in the Emoze settings, the led stays on constantly for 5 or 10 minutes. It does not blink. Weird. Bummer, as I like the notification light, but the constantly on is a bit odd.

-When the phone is set to vibrate, new email alert does not set off the vibration. Oh well. At least I won't confuse email with text messages or calls.

-Default signature tag "sent by emoze..." is there for good

-I wish the power saving settings (adjusting the check interval) were a global adjustment, ie applied to all the accounts, rather than each one being set individually. Not a huge deal, but seems that the whole point of the power saving mode is keep a data connection open as little as possible, so why would you set one account to not check while another is? May as well check all accounts or none as I see it.

This seems to have turned into a mini review. Overall, I'm quite impressed. Seems real stable, delivers and receives mail super fast, is easy on the battery, and is reliable from what I can tell so far. My only gripes have to do with the integration in the phone. But, I guess that is to be expected as Emoze is designed to work on more platforms than any other push solution.