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Mobile chat security

Hello again N/A,

Please forgive my delay in replying and many thanks for your very clear and analytical posts. I can fully realise and understand now why anti-virus, firewall and anti-theft software is not practically needed for my mobile.

There is, only one dubious point, however, where I would like a little additional elucidation to feel absolutely sure that I am completely out of even the slightest possibility of online danger.

Most of the time I connect my Samsung I8910 mobile phone to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection and sometimes the Wi-Fi network is not protected by one of these hardware type of firewalls which are commonly behind most Wi-Fi networks for protection against external hacking attacks.

I quite often then chat with my Windows Live Messenger contacts through my phone browser at the website which is specifically designed for mobile phone users and I sometimes also have real-time chat sessions, again through my phone browser, at a a number of other websites offering this service. I can do the same by downloading and installing on my phone a Windows Live Messenger or chat application.

The question and my agony then is: In all of the abovementioned cases, that is either when I use the phone browser or when I chat by using a Windows Live Messenger or chat application, would it be possible for a hacker to connect to my phone and, for example, see my conversation or spread any kind of spyare or malware or erase files or applications from my phone or memory card witout me even knowing it?

Are web-based chat as well as chat applications server applications which open ports to the external world and allow somebody from the outside to be connected to my mobile phone and do any sort of harmful activity?

In all of the above cases, if the Wi-Fi network through which I connect my mobile phone to the Internet is behind a hardware firewall, as it is quite often the case with home LAN and Wi-Fi networks, is then my phone fully protected from such external hacking attacks?

Once again lots of thanks for your very useful advice.