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FWIW, your biggest risk/threat is not having a backup of the data on your phone for when you lose it (by accident, breakage, or by theft). After that, the biggest threat is unauthorized manual access to your data by someone else handling your phone, if you didn't change default PIN/security codes, or do not require their use to access your phone.

Unless you install a malicious app yourself, there's no danger of malware/viruses on your phone.

Unless you install a server app yourself (e.g., a web server), which sits and waits for and accepts external connections to the phone, there's no point in a firewall app (as by default the phone has no apps waiting for such connections). Note also that on a phone network, the network operators do not allow external connections to within their network (even if they assign you a public IP address, which most network operators generally don't).

Make sure you change the default PIN and PIN2 codes for your SIM card, and that you also change the default lock/security code. In addition, set a password for any and all memory cards you use, and enable the PIN/security code queries on power-on, SIM card change and after deactivating the screensaver, and make frequent backups.

If you want to do more, you can use tools to additionally encrypt specific data on your phone, but viruscanners and firewalls on a phone are - besides the psychological piece-of-mind factor - a waste of memory, storage space, CPU cycles, battery power, and money.