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I bought one of these because it was cheap.
Halfords cheap and crappy holder
The holder has small plastic teeth which fit onto the vents on one of the heaters. My car has a very convenient placement, which means the phone is below the windscreen but well within reach. It's also quite close to the radio, so the FM transmitter works well from that position.
It holds the phone well but you can't get a USB power source in under the side pads and of course the bottom of the device is completely covered too. The unlock switch is just about accessible on the right hand side as long as you put the sticky pads supplied at the front of the side pads.

I have cut out a small hole in the bottom of mine and fixed a small nokia charger through it, it fits into the bottom of the phone quite nicely. The charger I use came from Argos for about a fiver too, and it's got adaptors for most phone types or anything which can charge from USB. Incidentally, the FM transmitter works OK when the power is on too, which can be an issue with some chargers, especially cheap ones.

It's ok if you're doing it on the cheap. I'm happy with it.