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Originally Posted by celios View Post
After 6 months of frustration, confusion and a little fun, I've finally placed a sell order for my N97 on Mazuma, and ordered my replacement phone.

Mazuma are only offering 210, which is around 60% depreciation over 6 months, but it about what the N97 is worth IMHO

I've sold previous phones on eBay, but the bay is awash with N97s at the moment, with even a brand new N97 mini only fetching ~250 and many used N97 auctions attracting no bids.

EDIT: TurtlePower gets the free tracks!

EDIT: BanziBarn gets the case!

I thank you, and goodnight.

I've dumped Nokia as well. Currently playing with the Samsung I8910. I get a full GPS signal in my house. Although I think the N97 could easily be much better than the Samsung, I can't cope with the useless GPS and everyone in Nokia denying it's a problem.
The Samsung also lets me download firmware to my PC and not have to rely on the update suite. I can flash using the Symbian flash tool and put on any firmware I like. Tried Hong Kong yesterday for a laugh, like you do.

It's interesting to see the similar comments from Samsung customers re: firmware updates etc. Must be a global mobile phone manufactuter ploy. Make the people test the equipment real time.
I'll keep reading this forum though as you guys make my day, especially as I'm over in New Zealand so every morning it's like having a fresh book to read.