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Loud Hum in headset with new E7

I just purchased my first Nokia, and it's the E7. I finally got around to trying out the headset, something I plan to use on our flight to and from Italy this year. When I plugged them in (yes all the way), I hear some crackling, and then a loud continuous humming ensues.

In my experimentation, I noticed the if you put the plug in partway and hold it, an option comes up to use the headphone with mic vs the headset option. When I select the headphone option in this manner, the loud hum goes away and they work fine. If I plug them in with the headset profile active, the humming is constant.

I tried to effect this in the settings menu for headset and headphone but no luck. Only when I push the plug in partway and hold it, do I somehow cause this popup window to appear that does NOT appear if I just plug in the headset.

Anyone familiar with this lovely problem? Coming from high end Android devices that worked flawlessly in this regard, I am surprised a high end Nokia does not.