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i8910 problem with the photos ...please help me

Hi .. I apologize in advance for my English but made through Google translate ... I would like to ask whether it is possible to fix my phone ... problem is that when you shoot something, so the automatic photo view is a beautiful island with excellent quality, but when you have already seen in the gallery, or computer, so it seems "murky" evil sharpness, poor quality, "fuzzy" ... I tried to change all the settings set, or already provides service, in general, or in HXpatcher, but without success and the "problem" persists ... I also bite 'XYZ' s firmware, hard reset, soft reset and still nothing. .. and slide for camera itself popis are Brilliant and clean it so that I did not do all this before, but the firmware that was in Him (HX-V11-7) began to skylark, so I have to flash it again and then started to do this, the fonts com ... Thank you for your answer, or any advice / help