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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
yes, ok, you are adding support for my E71... but... what happens between 30th june and the release of the s60v3 fp1 version? Ca I track my trainings? I will be able to put them on the nokia server and then import them on

Sorry for my english, hope you can understand

Hi, I'm not in any way related to Sports Tracking Technologies, just relaying some news that I read elsewhere.

If you pre-register on the new Sportstracker website, it will port your previously uploaded tracks accross to their database.

Carry on using the Nokia version on your E71 but you won't be able to upload to the web.

When they release the S60 v3.1 version, you can install it and it will convert all of the phone versions of the data including those that haven't been uploaded to any web service, by that time you should be able to upload all of your new tracks to their website (I've got 16 waiting to upload).

Hope this helps,