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I believe the storage issue is to do with the N97's ability to store all your settings and info even when you do a firmware upgrade. In the past, you will have to reload all your user applications and data back on whenever you upgrade, but now, it must store it in a separate section that is not touched when flashing a ROM upgrade.

As for the Stylus.. I have not had any use for it - the whole operating system is pretty good to use even without it (and yes, even for handwriting - for CHINESE characters). for those small links in the browser - double tap to enlarge and then click. (I do have big fingers BTW). Unlike Windows mobile that needs a stylus for everything!!

The RAM isnt as bad as what people make it out to be - just make sure you dont load up a billion widgets that is constantly online. My E71 ended up with 61MB after boot and the N97 has about 51MB after boot (thats with Mail4Exchange, World Mate etc etc).. but considering the capability differences, 10MB is pretty good for "extras"..