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Care to backup why you think the N97 has a poor camera just because its 5MP?

8mp is about the best your going to get into a phone but until they improve the sensors and lenses its completely pointless. You simply cant get the light onto the sensor while retaining the thickness that people expect. Their are "low mega pixel" 3-5 megapixel cameras out their that totally piss over anything in the smartphone market however you wouldent want one on your phone. 8MP will take over slowly in the next Nokia Iterations but their isnt rearlly much improvement that isn't software.

Resistive Screen? So are the vast majority of the phones on the market. I dont see nokia planning on dumping it to quickly. So it cant do Multi Touch? So what! Multi touch is only good for virtual keyboards and ui manipulation something which Nokia have to get right first. Resistive screens are arguably better for smaller screens because they allow generic stylus implements to be used. Resistive screens CAN actually can do multi touch it's just the tech involved isn't that widespread.

The processor speed is fine. If they had put a faster processor in it would have made the N97 slightly more snappy but at the cost of battery power. Their biggest mistake was dumping the 3d Acceleration chip and not making a UI to take advantage of it. Computing is being pushed into multi-core and offloading graphics to a GPU.

The N97 has its problems but these are more typical Nokia let downs.

1) The Ram - Self Explanatory
2) The Storage Space ( as in main memory not mass memory ) this is typically where messages, themes and apps are installed because it allows them to function in mass storage mode. Why nokia made it so pitifally low I wont ever know. Im down to 28meg already.

3) The Stylus - Who seriously has this thing dangling from a bit of string? No holder and what the hell were they thinking with the size of it.

4) The Charging Port and 3.5mm jack WHY THE HELL are these on the top so I cant dock the phone in the car or desk without having to plug in lots of trailing cables.

A new operating system might actually improve some of the limitations. Nokia need to completely rethink their OS for touch screen but I will agree with the fact I doubt we will ever see it on the N97.

Simple things like push and hold context menus.