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Originally Posted by RogerPodacter View Post
i dont care who says "the times are changing". i would bet my life, my family, a million dollars, and my dog all on the fact that this will NEVER happen. nokia is just too far gone. remember nokia would have to release these updates to the devices, not symbian. so even if symbian makes a backwards compatible version, good luck getting nokia to release it. it will never never never happen.
Nokia pretty much owns all of symbian now. I totally see what you are saying though but you gotta remember that hardware wise the N97 is inferior to many other devices out there:

Resistive screen, relatively low MP camera, slow processor, ......etc

So even if Nokia does provide such an upgrade which I think they should after dumping a lot of money on reworking the whole Symbian thing, they still would not lose the market for lets say the N98 which should have upgraded hardware.

This is just speculation but I think that Nokia is onto something BIG and the N97 is nothing more than a placeholder for the moment until they unleash whatever beast they are working on. I mean we gotta remember that Nokia is always the company that starts the new features: 7650 started the whole multimedia thing with cameras and UIs in general, N95 started the GPS fad but I will say Apple beat Nokia with the whole touch thing but then again Nokia tried that years ago but with no success, Apple had the whole apple craze on their side.
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