Thread: N85 vs N95 8GB
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I'm fairly sure (from various forums etc, so pinch of salt!) that the N85 doesn't have hardware 3D acceleration, but i'm not bothered by this;

From what I hear, N-Gage is the only thing that uses this, but there aren't actually any N-Gage games out there at the moment that use 3D acceleration! (I read something from EA complaining that that couldn't use it..).

I think that a lot of confusion comes from the fact that some websites quote JBenchmark figures when reviewing phones (ie Java 3D FPS benchmark). This is affected by 3D acceleration (meaning that Java 3D games will probably run better), but means very little about the general performance of the phone! But because it's the only easy benchmark available, people tend to take notice of it

Anyway, long story short I don't think it makes much difference unless you play java 3D games, or N-Gage opens up for 3D acceleration..