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Would this be the right area for the i8510?

I just acquired on of these and I am so far very happy with it, the only issue being that no UK service provider puts it on a decent tariff, its an iphone beater on specification and connectivity but all the tariffs its on have no data allowance.

I have mine on 02, as i hope they will be the first to see this error, once i start to phone them constantly......

bigges issue is the route 66 inluded software having no maps! you have to pay 49euro's ! you can buy the newer version with maps for 59!

my phone was supplied by the cpw online mobile shop etc, came with headphones, no tv out cable, and handset was unlocked and seems to be unbranded.

worked out the box with my 3 sim and my 3 mobile broadband sim.

USB connectivity seems flaky but that could be my pc