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Originally Posted by mweber View Post
Hi everybody,

till now, i've just installed .sis files with the pc suite...

now i've downloaded some software for the nokia 9210i with my PC...
it has a .jar and a .jad file...

java is installed...

what do i have to do now?

Thanks in advance for any help... :-)

C Ya Marco
First unzip the file and then Install thorough Bluetooth or via cable.

To install .Jar/.Jad file
Please follow the following steps to install the software on your Java platform.
1. Put the .JAR/.JAD on your desktop (PC), then open up your phone's software also on the desktop.
2. Drag the .jar and .jad file (from your desktop) to the icon labeled "phone memory”.
3. Go to the folder where you copied the files and open the .jar or .jad file. Application will start installing on your device.