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Originally Posted by quicksilver View Post
I managed to get the offline version of the Maps working and that's fine....
The problem is that when i go MENU>GPS>GPS Data...It start with a small pop up saying - "Searching for GPS Satellites"...stays for a second or so and then opens the application window with 3 icons in it (Navigation, Position, Trip Distance) a pop-up saying "GPS not available".

This is always the case whether i am outdoors or indoors....why is it so? Is this a problem or happening with everyone here?

Then for example if i choose "Position" - I should be seeing all the info right of that particular moment? I don't - It just keeps saying - No Connection or Waiting for GPS. I open the "Satellite status" from the option below and can see a few numbers with bars in front (satellites it find i guess) but the info for "position still doesn;t update or appear.

Kindly help.


I also have this problem but for mine I can see that the unit is trying to get a lock on showing only two satellites available. I still have not gotten a lock but at least it shows that the GPS is working somewhat.