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Half a solution... and new related issues

Originally Posted by Nanami View Post
Hi everybody out there.

Anyone can tell me how to get English-Chinese dictionary for N95?
On my Chinese N95 the dictionary was installed but incomplete (application ok but data files missing). Fortunately I used to have a Chinese N80 -- i just copied data files from N80 miniSD card on the N95 MicroSD card at the right place and it works. Traditional Chinese only, though.

One regret I have is that the amazing "Talking Dictionary" that was present on my Chinese N80 upon purchase does not work on the N95. I browsed the website of mBounce ltd, they don't seem to support that dictionary anymore.

Besides this talking dictionary does not support firmware upgrade to 4.0632.0.38 on N80 (various display bugs, talking function not operating).

Anyone has a clue to solve those?