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Thanx a lot for your reply..

I tried tthhe player...and got the ipogg skin....

The player is by far the best iv tried amongst 3rd party players...really liked it...although i would have greatly preferred if it had the following 2 options, found in the built in player in n70.... first, the search can start typing and the player will display all the results matching the search criteria....

The ipod, however, does not have a search option (except the new ones) even though navigation is easier and faster in an ipod than in the phone, thats not the main problem....

The main problem is that when i press the "red' go back the main phone screen...the player closes!! in the built in player, playing continues!! and in the updated firmware version, it even displays the name of the song playing under the 'calender entries', with the option to increase/decrease the volume by just scrolling to it and moving the left/right joystick....

The ipod skin is nice...but the list of songs is very displays only a couple...thats not a problem...others, like the Windows Media Player 10 skin display a bigger list...the skin is not a problem.....

So...thanx there any way those problems can be 'fixed' in ogg player?? and does any know any other player i can try, other than the ogg player??


EDIT: another thing...the Fast Forward option in oggplayer skips in intervals of 20 seconds...thats quite a lot!! hehe
**EDIT: After looking at some other 3rd party quite liking the oggplayer!! :P items are sorted alphabetically...that eases things up without the search availability... and whenever i want to do anything on the phone (right a message etc..) i can just press the 'menu' key twice and it will go to the standby screen...and then, hold the menu button and click on Oggplayer to go back to it... Of course, if these options can be integrated into would be great...but i guess its good as is....

(if anyone has any other players i might try though...i would be grateful...)


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