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The best music player for N70? (2 gb memory card,want to use phone as Ipod..)


I am planning on purchasing a 2 gb memory card for my N70....and want to use the phone as an mp3 player (ipod or so)

i was wondering if there is any music player that offers a similar interface as that of the ipod...or any other interface that easy to use and efficient..(you know with 2 gb of music, not able to search or browse by artist/song/album/playlist etc is out of the question of course....

any recommendations??

Thank in advance

(The built in music player in my N70 (i have the latest firmware version) is not that bad...and the interface is good...but i was wondering if theres anything better or nicer...besides, i have a 64 mb memory card now and it takes a while to scan it before it im guessing it will take quite some time when i install the 2 gb one...that might be annoying...)
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