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Originally Posted by N/A
I also know how to find stuff on the Internet and sign up for beta programs, etc.; I've been on the Internet since the mid-80's (when it wasn't even called the Internet), and on the web since the early 90's with the very first Mosaic browser versions, and among the very first users of the very first Internet search engines.

I've also been in the software business for more than 20 years, so I know exactly how software is made, marketed, sold and supported, and how developers make or do not make money.

And not a single software business plan or business case I've read/seen or done myself has ever added any "padding" to the software prices because of software piracy anticipation. Many have, however, had added costs and complexity due to various more or less successful countermasures.

I also know that few phone application developers run public beta programs and that companies generally do not take on just anybody from the Internet that sends them email or knocks on their door and wants to be a beta tester.

And I honestly don't care the slightest which apps you find and use, but I just want to clear your - and anybody else's - delusion that all of the apps that you have found on the Internet are actually free or legal, even if you got them without paying for them.

And, personally, if a developer does not offer a free trial of their app, then I won't try or buy it, nor will I search for a crack and use it (for "trial" purposes or otherwise).

Do we have the pleasure to expect a final final final final final post from you? Or is there perhaps even a final final final final final final one already brewing in the back of your mind?
Wee I was hoping my last post wouls have been the last but for some reason you seem incapable of accepting and understanding what somebody is telling you ..

"padding" as you put it as added to every product, it may not be written down as "padding due to theft" but it is taken into account in one way or another in the pricing structure, and you should know that with the experience you have .. I have worked in trading standards and the office of fair trading and as such I do know what I am talking about, At the moment I am a property development manager, and "padding" is added to every quote or job we do because we know that some of the building products will be stolen, its not on the invoice as padding, but its taken into account...its life

You say you are not interested in which apps I have, yet you have asked twice in 2 seperate posts for me to list them !!!!!!!!

Now as somebody who is whiter than white and never broken the law in his life (I am even begining to think you never go over the speed limit either) do you think we can bring this topic to an end. If you want to respond to me then please PM me because this conversation has gone far past any usefull dialog to everybody else on this forum.

Over to you for your last comment, but I will not respond unless you wish to PM me.
REMEMBER - If its too good to be true, it usually and probably is.....

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