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Keep your 9500 data secure with PowerSafe

SymbianWare just released PowerSafe for the Nokia 9500 Communicator. PowerSafe is designed to keep all your credit card numbers, passwords, registration codes, clothes sizes etc. secure and encrypted with industry standard algorithms.

Author's notes:

With PowerSafe you keep all your important information on your Communicator - secure, convenient and easy to retrieve! Best usability, countless categories and easy distinguishable icons help you to structure your personal data. All your passwords, insurance numbers, serial numbers and registration codes, credit card and account details go in one place - but are encrypted secure with industry standard algorithms.

PowerSafe's user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It is bases on two panes, the left onedisplays a hierarchical list of cards. The right pane shows the selected card. Your cards are organised in a hierarchical, categorized cards list. This means that you can clearly organise your data, create categories and subcategories (e.g. Business/Private, Credit cards, etc, etc) and navigate through your data in fastest possible way.


Lots of included templates with predefined fields and icons allow you a jump-start, but it's easy to create new or modify existing templates. The standard templates include Address, Credit Card, Bank Account, Calling Card, Car Info, Clothes Size, Combination Lock, Contact, Documents, Drivers Licence, Email Account, Emergency Numbers, General Purpose, Health Numbers, ID Card, Insurance policy, Internet Provider, Inventory, Lens prescription, Library Card, Membership Info, Note Card, Online Banking, Passport Info, Password, Prescription, Serial Number, Social Security Number, Software Serial Number / Registration, Voice Mail Info, Web Site, Mobile Phone, Gifts, Friends, Contracts, Credits, Financings, Leasing, Deposit of Securities, Borrowing Positions, Lease/Rent, Sales contract, Book, Audio-CD/DVD/LP, DVD/Video, etc.

But PowerSafe is not limited to these templates, you can easily create your own templates or remove unneeded ones.


PowerSafe does not only support data types like text, number etc, but also generic data types like phone number, email, web address, etc. For instance select phone number in a PowerSafe card and the application will offer you to dial it, send a SMS or MMS.

Four zoom levels and changeable sizes of panes will help you to find the size that suits you best.


Your cards can be colourful! You can highlight some data in your card with different colours, format it bold, italic or underlined to create readily identifiable cards and make the work with your cards a real pleasure.

Card attachments

You can attach some contacts from your contact book or some files (Word documents, pictures, sound files, etc) to any card using the 'Attachments' command. It is possible to view contacts directly in card attachments. Please note: Attachments are external to PowerSafe document and are not encrypted.

Hints on navigation in hierarchical cards list
  • To collapse selected card press 'Left arrow'. Pressing left on already collapsed card or on the card that doesn't have sub cards will bring selection to parent card of the current card.
  • To expand selected card press 'Right arrow'. Pressing Right on already expanded card will bring selection to first sub card of the selected card.

Arranging cards in a list
  • You can move cards, change their order and even level (ownership). To move an item up or down you can press Ctrl+Up Arrow/Ctrl+Down Arrow.

Organizing templates
  • To create new template, modify or remove existing template you can use 'Templates' command.
  • You can move templates in templates list, move fields in fileds list using Ctrl+Up Arrow/Ctrl+Down Arrow.

Multi document system

PowerSafe supports the Document based system (e.g. like Word application). It allows the user to create and maintain any number of documents containing your cards and start them from desktop, file manager, etc. When PowerSafe is started, it automatically opens the last used document. You can open other documents, create new ones, save current or even delete the current document using the corresponding commands in the File menu. You can place PowerSafe documents (e.g. like Word files) anywhere on the device and start them from any location.


Any PowerSafe document can be password protected and encrypted by PowerSafe. To enable security use 'Set Password' command on the file menu. After you specify a password the PowerSafe document will be encrypted. Every time you open this document PowerSafe asks you for the password. No unauthorized person can open and see your document without specifying correct password. To keep your cards secure we use industry standard BlowFish encryption and MD5 message digest algorithms. Passwords are not stored anywhere in the document or in any place on device to further increase the safety. Password verification is performed by checking digital signs. All encryption/decryption is performed on the fly and transparent to user (without any noticeable delays and user interaction).

The sum of all this features and options make PowerSafe to one of the most important business add-ons for your Nokia 9500 Communicator!

As for all Symbianware products you have 15 days for evaluation of all features.
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