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Hello everyone,

We are almost 90% done with the new version that will support additional networks. But we need your help. All those of you who would like to send to networks that are not in our coverage area, please email me at We need the following information: the name of the network (including the country) and all the known prefixes for that destination (e.g. Connex Romania, prefixes 40722, 40723, 40721 - meaning that all numbers starting with 40722, 40723 or 40721 belong to this network). If a certain prefix for the network you are trying to send to is not listed, the system will attempt to send the message at 1 credit/message and will obviously fail.

There is no change in the client software, you can keep your existing SMSXtender versions. There will be a release later next week that will probably include support for the Greek language. If your native language is not supported, please email me at and we'll try to figure something out.