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OK I bit the bullet and paid for this.

My opinion

I do really feel the application should be offered foc, or a trial available, or at least bundled with the same value of credits so if you find it's not for you, then you've only paid for what you have used.

If you purchase from the developers site then you will need to pay with paypal. I mention this only because on previous occasions people have expressed disappointment at this. However, it seems perfectly fine to me.

After purchase the response from the developer in setting up an account etc is very prompt and efficient. I have purchased software through Handango previously and had to wait days and send numerous emails in order to just receive a registration code, so I feel the service here is worth a note.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, the biggest criticism is the fact that this does not read numbers from your address book. It also does not remember the last number. It has no ability to keep it's own list of numbers. It has no paste option for copied numbers. For those of you who use the keyboard input, you can paste through there but for those of you like me who mainly use handwriting recognition, this is very irritating and does make me less likely to fire off a message using this application.

The application is extremely small so those of you with limited space, this isnít really going to affect you much.

I too agree, the software seems to work very smoothly. For those of you on Orange and are wondering, this does not work with Orange GPRS WAP access, you need to use standard Orange GPRS. However, the data usage is miniscule.

Buying. If you buy it from the developer as I did, it's initial cost is Ä9.99, if you buy it from Handango it seems to be $9.99, so there appears to be a discrepancy in price. If youíre in the UK, then neither of these currencies are much use but with exchange rates as they are at the moment, the $9.99 could work out cheaper but this does depend on your credit card issuers exchange rate offerings. However, watch out for the new Handango VAT STING.

I hope some improvements are made to the application to make it less awkward but it is definately entertaining.