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I have not had that problem, it works fine with my phone and 5-8 different podcasts.

I can see from your screenshot that the podcasts are in .mp4 format

Are these Videopodcasts ?

In that case they won't show up in the Music Player

You should be able to find them in the VideoCenter app, but I guess it may be easier to view them from the podcast app.

If they are in fact audio-podcasts, then they are labelled incorrectly, try and see if there's a MP3 version available instead.

One important side note - the new Music Player (and the Videocenter) supports bookmarks - which makes it possible for it to remember the playback position the last time a file was played. This means that you can pick up where you left off, even several days and/or restarts later.

However, this ONLY works if you start playback from withing the Music app or the Videocenter app - NOT if you start playback from the podcast app.

I've emailed the podcast team and there was a technical reason for this, but they may fix it in a future update.