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Syncing creates random new emails in Outlook

I have experieneced wthis with three computers, two operating systems, four phones, two models and two different versions of Outlook so I can't be the only one out there with this problem.

When syncying email between P1i and Outllook (2007 and 2003) certain apparently random emails in the phone's inbox get resent in Outlook using the Outlook folder's default email account as the sender. To be clear, if the email came from and my default email is then the emails willbe sent from on behalf of

Furthermore, the emails do not go via the Outbox in Outlook. If I disconnect the network cable during the sync, I will find that there are no emails in the Oulook Outbox will still be trying to send them. In fact I cannot see where they can be kept. They are not found in the SENT ITEMS folder after they are sent.

In the P1i log, the emails are shown as failed syncs with the code FAILEDITEMINPHONE.

I'm fairly computer svvy but this has got me completely baffled over the course of the last fifteen months and I at a total loss to udnerstand what's going on. Does anyone have any ideas?