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Exchange ActiveSync not working right

Until last week I was a very happy N8 owner, and I used Exchange ActiveSync with my gmail account, syncing mail ("always on"), calendar and contacts.

The other day there was an update of Microsoft stuff that went on to remove as fast as possible. A few days after that I went out of space in C:. Lots of things went bad, of course, including e-mail.

That's what prompted me to first try to re-install the system via the Nokia Suite in my Windows machine. The process seemed fine, but there was something weird with the e-mail. I could download e-mails, but it wouldn't sync properly (I configured to be always on all the time every day but new mail were not showing up), and the contacts were never synced.

Now I tried a *#7370#. Configuring the mailbox seemed fine, and it download my current mail. But now I started playing again wiht the configuration, and then suddenly the mail program will get stuck in an "Updating" window. It just keeps there, and it never finishes updating.

Does anyone have any idea what can be going on? What else can I try?