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Hi everyone,

I was reading through this post and wanted to just clear up a few queries.

If a handset is locked to Vodafone we will happily provide the unlock code to you.

You will need an active Vodafone Sim card, if you donít have one you could purchase a Pay As You Talk (PAYT) Sim from the Vodafone website here for just £2.

To get the unlock code you can either contact Customer services on 08700 700 191 (national rate), 191 free of charge from your Vodafone handset or via email using the Vodafone online contact us form here.

You'll need to have the make and model of the handset and the IMEI number, to get this you can in put the code *#06# into the handset and the IMEI will be displayed on the screen.

For all handsets over 12 months old the unlock code will be provided free of charge, if the handset is under 12 months old there will be a one off charge of £20 (inc VAT.) If you have a PAYT account you will need to have the £20 available in calling credit.

We hold some unlock codes on our system and if this is the case we can provide it within minutes. If itís not held in our database then we will need to request the code from the manufacturer this takes up to 72 hours, (Samsung can take longer.)

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion and that you are now able to get your phones unlocked.


Vodafone UK