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Plese assist on a925 motorola...i'm a total newbie and need help on multiple subjects

Hi. I've just bought motorola a925 phone. A friend i bought it from had it for a year or so and used it for making calls, sending sms and similar stuff. He didn't use any of the variety of options this model offers. So he wasn't much of a help neither user's manual ... I can't seem to "get into" this phone.
I'll list my problems so if any of you good people know how to solve it please write.. And yes..pleae write it step by step ( 1) do that 2) do this 3) do that etc... because i'm a total newbie...) Thanks!

So i have drive c and drive d. Drive c has about 32 megs, and d (ram drive) has about 256 MB.

1.) When i want to insert a new ringtone it keeps saying that there is not enough memory.. and i've tryed to look for a directory where it's origrinal tones are placed but i had no luck... Please can anyone tell me hoe to release some space with deleting it's original ringtones from drive c: ???

2.) My friend installed some programs but erased some file where uninstall information was writeen (system file) and when i want to uninstall some software i get only 1 program in option,,, and there is no way i can uninstall other programs.. How to delete or permanently uninstall software if system file with uninstall data had been deleted??

3.) i've downloaded some programs additional software for a925.. a have some files but don't know how to put it on a cell phone, and how to begin instalation...


4.) What should i do if i want to use GPS ...because i believe it's installed in the phone... So where to get the software and how to adjust phone to work with it?

Thank you all for reading this and trying to help.. I know this is anoying ,but i am a complete newbie at this and can't find any other assistance except you people.
For those of you who write something helpful special thanks!!!
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