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Originally Posted by Mitchem View Post
Argh, so many to choose from!!! I love flip paint but also love the metallic black and the glow in the dark is funky too ='(... Hmm...

Is there any chance you could take a few pictures of the metallic black full fascia with standard front keypads (the phone open to so i can see the standard silver number keypad underneath). Im not sure if im keen on the keypad being totally covered and the symbols on the keys not visiable. Also is it possible to put the Nokia branding (NOKIA N95 in the front top left of the phone and NOKIA Nseries on the battery cover)?

lol dont worry im the same i keep changing mine aswell, cant decide wots my fav!

well that metalic black cover was a custom order, i did do a spare front cover but thats all iv got now! i can do the front cover with the original "nokia N95" and the back with "NOKIA" i havent got any of the back covers with the "NOKIA N Series" in yeh but i'll ask about them! i can also do the keys with logos intact! all these would be solid black and not metalic black! would still be as shinny though!

i was @ my friends 2night and he just got a 10m pixle digital camera and the quality of the foto's are amazing compared to my 7m camera... so i think i'll be investing in a 10m camera! any 1 wana buy a 7m pixle camers?

i just got some heat reactive samples in the post 2night, so i'll stick some foto's and maybe a video up l8r! they are just painted speed shapes so it's not on a fon cover but you will see the idea! it's kool as fek! i love it but it's sooo expensive! and ther is a minimum order from the suplyer and it's not cheap so i'll have to make sure it's worth it first!
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