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x6 lanuguage gone.

Hi all!
I am new to this forum and I hope someone will be able to help me : )
I have bought an used Nokia X6 and it came with lithuanian (BALTIC language pack i presume from lots of googling). What was strange - i checked product code of the phone and it was for United Kingdom V3. How could it have baltic languages (Lithuanian, Estonia, Latvian) installed without firmware of that kind? As I have read the language packs (currently mine is 01) come only together with firmwares of the same region.

The baltic languages dissappeared from display and writing when I did an update to the phone. As I have read there is no way to revert firmware. What should I do?
I tried to change product code with Nemesis to lithuanian one and then updating with Ovi suite but it stopped in middleway and threw an error. And took way more than it is supposed to (2 hours until error).

I have changed back the product code to the one I found and now have United Kingdom (i presume) version of firmware.

What should I do to get Lithuanian one, and will it brick my phone if i did so?
I'm very confused...